The Douglas Collections Font

  • 05/03/2023
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Introducing the new HUGE pack of my work. The DOUGLAS ! Comes with 12 Handmade FONT FILES with rough effect, 25 Detailed Illustration, 24 Editable text Logos and 36 Shape Badges (72 if counting with Line verson of badges).

I’ve never been easier to create the vintage Display image of the product except this one. You can mix and match the font you want to use, the illustration or use the badges on your design. This pack is great to use on two tone color or with colored design like for logos, posters, advertising, book cover, and other artwork.

— Font Character Guide : —

Files you get :

  • 12 Font Files
  • The Douglas Aaronade Script
  • The Douglas Ancaster Script
  • The Douglas Burlington
  • The Douglas Calgury
  • The Douglas Montreal Rounded
  • The Douglas Morphic 60s
  • The Douglas Norwood Old
  • The Douglas Ogdensburgh
  • The Douglas Palmeira
  • The Douglas Rutland Extended
  • The Douglas Wolves Sans
  • The Douglas Wolves Serif
  • 25 Detailed Illustration
  • Adobe Illustrator Files (Ai)
  • Adobe Photosop Files (Psd)
  • EPS
  • ** 24 Logos with editable text**
  • Adobe Illustrator Files (Ai)
  • EPS
  • 36 Badges (Display no.20)
  • Adobe Illustrator Files (Ai)
  • Adobe Photosop Files (Psd)
  • EPS
  • Character Guides (PDF)

— This Font are set for Commercial License —

If you have any question just leave the comment below or message me, I am very happy to help. Thank You and Happy Designing 🙂

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