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  • 21/04/2023
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Old Computer Windows 95 Aesthetic Instagram templates

Impress your Instagram followers with new stylish trendy posts and animated stories! There’re plenty of Windows 95 UI elements that bring some retro and nostalgic vibe. At the same time, holographic gradients and glitch textures give it a futuristic look. Stickers, pixelated icons, and other decorative elements will make your feed and stories more dynamic and eye-catching! Perfect for promoting your products, services, or your own blog.

Fully editable Adobe Photoshop files. There is a pdf tutorial on how to use animated stories included. Also fully editable Canva templates with a PDF tutorial on how to use them.


  • 30 Photoshop files, 30 unique designs
  • 30 Canva templates, 2 links
  • 15 posts templates
  • 15 animated stories (static in Canva) templates
  • All elements are on the separate layers
  • All images are included in the PSD files
  • All fonts links included
  • 76+ bonus files included in separate folders
  • PDF tutorial How to use it
  • PDF tutorial How to use Canva templates
  • Organized and fully layered files
  • Easily change image using smart object
  • Fully editable colors
  • Fully editable text

P.S. The fonts in Canva are not exactly the same as on the preview images but very similar. That is because those fonts are not included in free Canva fonts list, so people who have a free Canva account wouldn’t be able to open them. However, if you have Canva Pro account, you can upload your own fonts. So, if you want those fonts to be exactly like on preview images, you can download them from the links from the PDF tutorial and upload them into your Canva Pro account.

Also, the story templates in Canva are static. However, you can easily animate them in one click with the button ‘Animate’.


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