Night & Day Lightroom Desktop Presets

  • 15/04/2023
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  • 3 Film Presets: these looks are ideal for fashion photography, urban environments, and low-light lifestyle
  • 18 AI & Specialty Tools (Mastin Magic Toolkit™)
  • 4 RAW images with getting started tutorial
  • Time-saving Mastin 3-Step Workflow™
  • Lifetime product updates and support
  • Access to online community and bonus education

18 AI & Specialty Tools (Mastin Magic Toolkit™)

Yes, it’s all included. No seperate purchase needed.

AI Tools

Fewer steps. More precision. Zero learning curve.

Spotlight: Create balance and make your image pop by brightening your subject and darkening the background.

Light & Airy Assist: Brighten and soften less-than-ideal scenes without losing detail, to boost your light & airy look.

Dark & Moody Assist: Transform your photos from neutral to moody with deeper shadows and muted highlights.

Skysave: Recover overexposed sky, even through branches and windows, without affecting the rest of your photo.

Skin Smoothing: Smooth and soften skin blemishes faster than ever using Lightroom’s powerful AI targeting technology.

Specialty Tools

Standard tools to correct the trickiest photos.

Orange Reduction: A lifesaver for mixed light, extra warm sunsets, and spray tans that just won’t quit.

Strobe Soften: Open up a whole new world of film emulation in the studio by optimizing the micro-contrast of each film look for studio strobe and flash photography.

Dynamic Noise Reduction: Apply just the right amount of noise reduction to give our images a clean look without losing fine detail.

Lens Correction: Fix vignetting and distortion, minimize color fringing, and remove chromatic aberration to instantly improve every image.

Auto Transform: Tired of crooked buildings? Clean up your photos by correcting vertical and horizontal lines.

Film Inspired Tools

Make it feel just like film.

6 Tone Profiles: Inspired by the Fuji Frontier film scanner, these tone profiles correct contrast while preserving the look of film.

2 Grain Settings: While our presets start grain-free, you can complete your look with 35mm or medium-format grain.

Bonus Tutorials and Education

We’re here for you after your purchase, too. Included in your pack are 4 RAW images and a step-by-step tutorial.

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