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The Kodak Pro pack is an incredibly versatile set of film profiles that will provide vibrant, warm and beautiful tones to any subject you find in front of your lens. This pack includes profiles of the most popular Kodak Professional color films as well as some discontinued favorites.


Known for it’s highly saturated, vibrant and punchy look. It’s a great profile to use for landscapes but is also a great look for photographers who love a vibrant and contrasty look in their wedding and portrait photography.


Beautiful soft skin tones are what Portra 160 delivers! This profile is wonderful for fashion, weddings and portraits but also looks great with commercial photography.


The most popular profile in the Kodak Pro Pack because it excels at so many types of photography. Our Kodak Portra 400 profile provides warm, realistic color with natural skin tones.


Excels at warm skin tones and cool green and blue tones. The Portra 800 profile has a great look that has just the right amount of saturation and contrast for portrait, wedding and landscape photography.


Profiles of discontinued film stocks that cover the full range of natural color, vivid color and ultra color. These profiles are great for all kinds of photography by photographers who appreciate the classic look of these discontinued films.

**Frontier and Noritsu versions of all films are included**

The Archetype Process profiles for Lightroom work in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) 10.3 and newer, Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 and newer, Lightroom CC 1.3 and newer

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